Apache Flex Distributions

This download page includes the source distributions to compile and build Apache Flex.

Compiling Apache Flex requires configuration and third-party software. Please read the README for instructions on compiling.

Read the RELEASE_NOTES for information on what is in this release.

Download the binary distribution for your platform from binaries.

Important Notices

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Apache Mirrors

Do not download from www.apache.org please use a mirror site to help save apache.org bandwidth.

Download Apache Flex from the nearest mirror site.

Binary Releases

PGP Signatures

All of the release distribution packages have been digitally signed (using PGP or GPG) by the release manager.

The PGP keys can be found here or at the MIT key repository.

Always use the signature files to verify the authenticity of the distribution.

MD5 hashes as an alternative to validate the integrity of the files.